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the loss we all dream of

Okay, not ALL of us.  My husband, for example, would be in real danger if he were to lose any, and, in fact, spends much of his time trying to gain… Weight, of course. Because, you see, I’m fat. Aww, … Continue reading

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returning home

I have been silent here because I have been traveling.  In fact, I am still far from home…  And yet, I’m home.  It’s beautiful. I took a trip to visit my parents.  It was greatly needed, and I was overjoyed … Continue reading

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the little things

Because a little reminder never hurts! This is what I do when I find myself bored or unsatisfied without reason–I remind myself of what I already know.

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a triumph

I’m very surprised.  I was so upset about that job, and I really didn’t think that forcing myself to change perspectives or focus on positives would make me any less upset…  But it really, truly did!   I told myself … Continue reading

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bumps in the road

As I’ve said before, this blog won’t always be happy feel-good stuff.  Because, well, it’s not a motivational blog–it’s a personal blog.  I’m human.  I’m new to this whole ‘fargazing’ philosophy.  I have rough days, too. Today is–I’m struggling not … Continue reading

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15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy When looking for happiness, people tend to focus on GETTING:  acquiring, earning, buying, creating.  I think this can sometimes lead to more frustration, because it can be very difficult to ascertain … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Like Your Life–Change It!

I know, I know… People say it, and they post it on their facebook feeds, and it’s supposed to be inspirational and profound, and it just ISN’T. Believe me, I know, I get it. Today, though… It somehow works. It makes … Continue reading

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