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unorganized thoughts

1. I find it interesting that my great-aunt “likes” and comments with positive things on pictures of my cousins drinking, but posts negative comments if I post a pro-choice meme or about wanting another tattoo.  Really? My tattoos are more … Continue reading

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the little things

Because a little reminder never hurts! This is what I do when I find myself bored or unsatisfied without reason–I remind myself of what I already know.

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bumps in the road

As I’ve said before, this blog won’t always be happy feel-good stuff.  Because, well, it’s not a motivational blog–it’s a personal blog.  I’m human.  I’m new to this whole ‘fargazing’ philosophy.  I have rough days, too. Today is–I’m struggling not … Continue reading

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15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy When looking for happiness, people tend to focus on GETTING:  acquiring, earning, buying, creating.  I think this can sometimes lead to more frustration, because it can be very difficult to ascertain … Continue reading

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