unorganized thoughts

1. I find it interesting that my great-aunt “likes” and comments with positive things on pictures of my cousins drinking, but posts negative comments if I post a pro-choice meme or about wanting another tattoo.  Really? My tattoos are more destructive and don’t “honor God,” but getting drunk does?  Hmm…  (Issue #3597.3 with religions)

2. I’m down 17lbs, 4.4 of which were shed in the last 9 calendar days.

3. Writing (a play) has been incredibly therapeutic for me.  I’ve been able to explore some of my own issues, while also paying tribute to others’ (not necessarily those of anyone I personally know), and it’s cathartic.  Liberating is the word that comes to mind…

4. As I reduce my gluten consumption, I’m beginning to notice clear signs of a possible gluten intolerance.  An accidental ingestion leaves me in pain.  Perhaps cutting back on it is playing a larger role in my weight loss than I’d realized…

5. I’m LOVING dancing again.  A new friend has invited me to join her for some evening dance classes this fall, and I’m very hopeful that I’ll find a sitter who can make that possible for me.  Great exercise, artistic expression, and the joy of letting yourself just move to music…  I can’t think of much better.  Except maybe singing.

5. I’m looking into the financial obligations associated with resuming formal vocal training.  I’m interested in expanding my range, improving my technique, and delving into operatic techniques and styles for the first time.  I don’t want to be limited by my lack of exposure or range any longer.

6. I want to write a novel.  I may write a novel.  First, however, I’ll have to think of a character and a starting point for a novel…

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