Sometimes, things are flying along smoothly and beautifully, and then…  BUMP.

Today is just one of those days, I suppose.  Nothing specific.  Nothing happened, no one did anything or said anything, nothing didn’t happen…  I’m just having an off-kilter sort of day.

Maybe it’s because my husband is moving Monday.  Today was his last day of work.  On Monday, he drives halfway across the country to be with his parents in their final weeks/months/years, leaving me here.  Alone.

I have been really okay with it all.  Really!  I feel like it’s an opportunity for some individual growth, to establish some independence and show that I can take care of myself.

…Ahh, now I remember:  something DID happen today.  This morning, my child’s pediatrician very strongly recommended a surgery we were already going to look into having.  A surgery that will do wonderful, amazing things for my child’s health and potential…  But a major surgery, nonetheless.  One of those things no mother can ever REALLY be okay with.  And I may have to brave it alone, as the husband will most likely not be able to fly back for the surgery if it’s not scheduled WAY in advance–and it’s something that should really happen sooner rather than later.  Perhaps that’s part of this funk.

In any event, I’m okay.  We’re all gonna be okay.  Some good things are happening, fun stuff starts tomorrow and lasts for a couple of months, my husband is going to get to be where he needs to be right now, and my kiddo will be much better off after this surgery…  Which will happen at some point, although I don’t know when.

I’m focusing on the good.  My kid’s gonna benefit so very much from this surgery.  My husband is going to spend invaluable time with his parents while he still can.  I’m gonna prove to the world that I’m a total badass and can go it alone just fine.  AND get my house clean, to boot!

Still, some days are just a little bumpy.

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