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unorganized thoughts

1. I find it interesting that my great-aunt “likes” and comments with positive things on pictures of my cousins drinking, but posts negative comments if I post a pro-choice meme or about wanting another tattoo.  Really? My tattoos are more … Continue reading

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just keep rollin’ along

Life continues at a leisurely sort of pace. I’m down 15lbs now in just over 30 days, due entirely to dietary changes.  I’m feeling really good about that.  I think the most important lesson I’ve learned so far–and this applies … Continue reading

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Sometimes, things are flying along smoothly and beautifully, and then…  BUMP. Today is just one of those days, I suppose.  Nothing specific.  Nothing happened, no one did anything or said anything, nothing didn’t happen…  I’m just having an off-kilter sort … Continue reading

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the loss we all dream of

Okay, not ALL of us.  My husband, for example, would be in real danger if he were to lose any, and, in fact, spends much of his time trying to gain… Weight, of course. Because, you see, I’m fat. Aww, … Continue reading

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