i will remember

Moore, Oklahoma:  Unfortunate site of yet another tragic tornado.  The loss of homes, lives,  multiple schools, and even the hospital have made headlines and touched hearts around the nation, but none of us who are a safe distance away can truly grasp the horrors faced by those who live and love in Moore and the surrounding areas.

Oklahomans talk with reverence of the May 3rd tornado (1999).  May 20th will undoubtedly share that notoriety.  So many lives lost, so much destruction–perhaps the worst tornado ever recorded, some are speculating.  The images of the debris, the heartwrenching stories of lives lost…

I remember living in Tornado Alley and being gripped with fear when the sky turned greenish-grey or when the sirens sounded.  I remember driving through the aftermath of one of the bigger tornadoes in recent years and feeling like my heart would stop right then, just seeing the horrors that people had miraculously survived.

Oklahoma, you are strong–you have proven this time and again.  You are wonderful, loving, and always come together in the face of adversity, whether that be natural disasters or acts of terrorism.  Already, everyone is pitching in to clean up, to house the now-homeless, to provide free medical care and food and water…  People are traveling in from all over the country to help (many, of course, displaced Oklahomans returning to their homeland).  You will rise above, as you always do, and you will flourish.

In a year, no one will see any sign of the hell that rained down on you this summer…

But I will remember.

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