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a child’s laughter

Yesterday, I unexpectedly picked up my daughter from school.  She typically rides the bus, and this was the first time in a very long time that I had been inside her classroom during normal class hours.  The teachers were just … Continue reading

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when someone else says it better

Some people think that posting other people’s works, even when giving full credit to the original author, is “stealing” or “cheating” at blogging.  (I particularly like the notion that you can cheat at blogging, which is an undefined sort of … Continue reading

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looking back

I’ve presented fargazing as looking ahead, but I neglected to address looking back… It’s not a bad thing to look back.  People act like it is, like looking to the past means dwelling over past heartaches or what we’ve lost, … Continue reading

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i will remember

Moore, Oklahoma:  Unfortunate site of yet another tragic tornado.  The loss of homes, lives,  multiple schools, and even the hospital have made headlines and touched hearts around the nation, but none of us who are a safe distance away can … Continue reading

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in a few short hours…

A simple before and after of a cul-de-sac in Moore, Oklahoma, both taken yesterday–a few minutes before the storm hit, and a short while after it was safe to emerge.

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fargazing in practice This kid–he lived fargazing in its truest form. When he found out he only had months to live, he LIVED them, and left behind music and a message to change other lives for the better.

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Summer School Begins!

I’ve always been a nerd, and I’ve always enjoyed school.  I’m okay admitting that.  As I have moved along in my educational path, I have found that I enjoy school more and more–likely because I have a lot more say … Continue reading

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